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Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 250ml - 2019 Limited Edition

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Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 250ml - 2019 Limited Edition


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Experience a relaxing slumber with this works' Deep Sleep Pillow Spray; an award-winning, aromatherapeutic formula dedicated to calming and soothing the mind and body.Expertly blended with natural oils, including Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Chamomile, the sleep-inducing spray is the perfect solution for those who wish to wind down. Helps to relieve stress and tension, whilst allowing you to fall into a peaceful, undisturbed night's sleep to leave you feeling refreshed and restored come morning.Results:99% slept better than normal*89% fell asleep faster*98% felt more refreshed in the morning*100% would recommend to a friend with a sleep issue**In a study of 100 subjects and 100 ex-prescription users compared to no product.. ACQUISTA DA LOOKFANTASTIC